February 5, 2012 - 16:24 -- Dr. Ada


In a world growing more complex by the minute, is simplicity the new most elusive and valuable commodity? CHRIS ZOOK in a recent Harvard Business Review post titled Desperately Seeking Simplicity reports about a recent multi-year study on the root causes of enduring success. He found that:

“In every industry, [there were] companies that were enjoying an inherent advantage in dealing with the increasing tension of faster moving markets and increased internal complexity due to the ability to keep things simpler and more transparent than their rivals.”

Zook raises the question of whether the ability to keep it simple will be a mantra for competitive durability in the world of the future. Since complexity today seems to be the silent killer of profitable growth in business, is simplicity what leaders should strive for?

Think about your life and your business:

  • How can you make things simpler?
  • What processes can you simplify?
  • How can your strategy be simpler?

Remember. . .

Complexity requires simplicity. It could be that giving higher importance to pursuing simplicity can give you an enduring competitive advantage over your competition. Try it and you might become pleasantly surprised at the results.

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Photo by: Yogendra174