Slower is Faster!

January 30, 2009 - 11:21 -- Dr. Ada

How Dialogue and Collaboration can Help Accelerate Change.- In his State of the State Address, Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland talked about what the state has been able to do and continues doing through dialogue and collaboration. Especially compelling is what Ohio’s public education system is doing to "reconceive" their educational system.

Their leaders have made a multi-year commitment to take part in a series of two-day dialogues, and are beginning to co-create a culture of collaboration and to build a common language that bridges organizational interests toward their common goal of educating Ohio’s citizens. Taking the time to establish strong relationships and careful collective thinking is allowing participants to achieve change faster.

Seal Dialogue: (Photo by Donna Patterson)

When you feel that it is urgent to start a process of change, something good to keep in mind is:

Many times slower is faster!

When you are trying to orchestrate transformative change, taking time to dialogue with key stakeholders and create the future together is vital, saves time and creates "buy in." Therefore, 3 very important keys for timely transformative change are:

  • take time to Reflect in what is working and what is not working, as well as for envisioning the future.
  • open spaces to Reconnect through dialogue and collaboration. Many leaders think they don't have time for this. The reality is that change will take a lot longer and be more difficult if you don't take the time for it.
  • don't be afraid to Rebuild. The first two points will create a strong scaffolding that will help you safely weather whatever rebuilding is needed to create a better future.