Conversations and Change

April 22, 2009 - 00:00 -- Dr. Ada

The Power of ConversationsThe Creative Power of Dialogue and Collaboration. This past Saturday I visited Williamsburg, Virginia, the town that was home to some of the most important architects of the USA. Men like General Washington, Governor Jefferson, and Governor Henry. While walking the Colonial living history site, hearing the stories, and remembering the struggles of a small colonial community, I found myself meditating in the creative power of dialogue and collaboration.

In was in conversation and deep dialogue that a group of the funding fathers of our nation came up with the beginning of deeply democratic principles, which had the power to ignite a revolution and birth a nation. Standing in the historic room of the Capitol, the place where the Virginia Convention Unanimously adopted in June 12, 1776 “A Declaration of Rights” which was the seedling for our Constitution, was a very moving experience.

Williamsburg CapitolWhat does this have to do with leaders of change? Everything! Unless you take the time for deep dialogue, and come to consensus on what your deeply held values are, and what is the path for innovative change, nothing new will happen. But when a group wrestles together with difficult issues, and collaborate in finding the answers for innovative action, new possibilities and previously unthinkable things come to pass.

The real power of leadership is in creating the space for conversations that create collaboration for change. The synergy and creativity that results will be well worth the effort!